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Training & Seminars

Training & Seminars We have an assessment program for new and and inexperienced exporters. Developed over many years, it provides assistance in ways that you really need it, including training, planning and ongoing support. This porgram can be tailored to your needs, enabling you to realise your true commercial potential overseas. Services cover an objective assessment of your company's readiness to export and an export plan. We also provide information and advice to support other key decisions you will have to make, from forming your company, to recruiting the best people, handling permits, overseeing logisitics and making business regulations work to your advantage. We undertsand that every business is unique and that each sector has its own prospects and challenges. We aren't with you just at the start. We are committed to working with you as you develop your international business. Whether you already have a fully formed vision or just want to examine your options, we will help you shape a successful, global future. Contact us !
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