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The working of Nano Sealants

Nano particles bond with the surface and adjust themselves to form a homogeneous coating after application. Once the Nano particles are on or imbedded in the surface they start to repel algae, soot, dirt, oil, grease or any other contaminants. When applying the sealant for the first time it needs to polish the surface and fill up the pores. This will take a bit more time. Thereafter every time you apply the sealer it gets easier as the surface gets smoother and less pores need to be filled. Impurities and liquids can’t infiltrate into the surface or fibres any longer as surface tension increases and full anti adhesive characteristics nature. It follows the individual structure of the treaded surface creating an in-depth, hydro-phobic (water-repelling) & olio-phobic (oil-repelling) surface We advise you to apply two coats a year to get the best benefit out of the sealer being it’s UV, scratch and heat resistance and surface restoration. You can pressure clean the surfaces as mechanical wear is almost non existence. Apply a coat before laying her up for the winter, its frost resistant. And one layer when you prepare her for a summer of fun giving her the optimal protection. Ensure the surface is dry, clean and oil free before applying.
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