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Why a good professional antenna?


The VHF antenna is the most important part of your VHF installation, as using a good VHF radio and a low quality VHF antenna will definitely compromise the performance your communication system. A little money spent on a good antenna will do more than a lot spent on a better radio.

To better your ability to communicate with shore station and other boats you need to understand how a VHF antenna work and how to select the best antenna for your purposes. Since there are many factors that influence the selection of a proper antenna for a specific application, we will try to help you in your decision making.


SCOUT was founded in Carpi (Modena - Italy) in 1982, starting as a small workplace for the production of marine antennas for professional use. Through the years many improvements have been made to our products, but the rules of production have always remained the same. SCOUT antennas are 100% Made in Italy. The complete production is made at our headquarters in Modena, and is distinguished by the handcrafted care of the products in each step of the realization process.


Scout, stay tuned with style!

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