MARE the ECO-friendly fire extinguishing system from Italy

FPG Firecom has developed n total flooding aerosol fire extinguishing system line dedicated to the nautical market. It’s a very efficient and environmental friendly, clean agent of a NEW generation of extinguishers. Aerosol doesn’t leave residues that can affect mechanical and electrical parts. Aerosol is also an efficacious substitute to extinguishing gasses. It’s a compact system that cuts back weight and space occupied. It doesn’t have cylinders, nozzles or pipes

The Firecom extinguishing system is suitable to fight fires that involve combustible oils, gasoline, diesel, other petroleum based products, as well as organic solvents ect. It’s also very efficient against electrical fires. It successfully passed tests of A, B, C class fires and has been approved by RINA, Italy.

MARE consists out of 1 or 2 x 500 g Firecom Aerosol Generators, a control and command unit (Marcantognini) and stainless steel bracket. The control unit indicates pre-alarm signal, alarm discharge underway with 5 sec. discharge delay. Mare can be manually activated or automatically with the use of heat sensing cables. MARE systems protect the engine compartment up to 30 cubic metres.

Our Nautical set is composed by 3 systems: AERNAUTICALl, MARE15 and MARE30.

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