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Nanogate AG

Cutting Edge Nano Technology available to Boat Owners

Feldten Marine Gelcoat Sealer UV+ based on cutting edge chemical Nano technology combines cleaning, polishing and protection of the boat’s gel coat surfaces.

The marine environment is the harshest; UV radiation, salt water, green algae and overall mechanical wear and tear all leave their mark. Cleaning and maintaining the boat’s surfaces are consequently a time and resource demanding endeavor.

Feldten Marine Gelcoat Sealer UV+ combines cleaning, polishing and sealing in same working process. Unlike traditional treatments that require washing, polishing and application of wax in separate stages, everything is handled with one product in one working process, saving time and materials.

It is the unique technology and composition of the product that makes the difference. Smart polishing material will adapt to the substrate and it will efficiently cut/polish when applied on old and faded gelcoat surface, opposite- it will only seal when applied on surfaces in good condition.

The unique sealing properties of Feldten Marine Gelcoat Sealer UV+ will follow the individual structure of the treated surface creating an in-depth, hydro-phobic (water-repelling) & olio-phobic (oil repelling) surface with extreme UV protection. A treatment with Feldten Marine Gelcoat Sealer UV+ gives the surface an eye-catching shine, and for example makes it easier to remove soot particles by the exhaust pipe and dirt residue at the water line. For a short video please visit:http://vimeo.com/22441270

This is a result of the self-assembling Nano-process, which takes place after the product has been applied. The product’s molecules bond with the surface and each other, creating thin and durable surface, which even the fine colour pigments of a marker pen cannot penetrate.

The product of the future

Feldten Marine supplies innovative products for boat owners and all sea lovers.

The products are safe and easy to apply, and they all come with detailed instructions.

Product manager, Dr. Mathias Becker: “Our products are based on a very advanced technology. Nonetheless, all products are completely safe and easy to use. This is the very core of our product line.”

Feldten Marine Gelcoat Sealer UV+ 250 ml. which is enough to treat a 30 foot boat. Feldten Marine recommends that you treat the boat twice a year, at the beginning and end of the season.

To learn more about Feldten Marine Gelcoat Sealer UV+ and the other products in our product line, please visit www.feldten-marine.com

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